Install Python, Sphinx, and Others

  1. Download python version 2.7.10 or higher (Version 3.4 is recommended).
  2. If you are installing on Windows, ensure both the Python install directory and the Python scripts directory have been added to your PATH environment variable. For example, if you install Python into the c:python34 directory, you would add c:python34;c:python34scripts to your PATH environment variable.
  3. Install Sphinx by opening a command prompt and running the following Python command. (Note that this operation might take a few minutes to complete.)
pip install sphinx sphinx-autobuild
  1. Install restructuredtext-lint to enable linter support.
pip install restructuredtext-lint

> Note that latest steps on how to install Python and sphinx, please refer to this article.

Sample Sphinx Project

Generate a sample project

mkdir sphinxtest
cd sphinxtest

Now start using this project.

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